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2012 Osprey Chick-Naming Contest

The Friends of Blackwater are proud to announce the winner in our 2012 Osprey Chick-Naming Contest.


The winning names of "Ron and Tilly" were submitted by Joyce Dworacek from New Jersey. The two names are in tribute to Ron Tillier, former president and member of the Friends of Blackwater.

As many of our supporters and followers might know, this past year we lost a very valuable member of the Blackwater family -- Ron Tillier. You can read more about Ron in this Baltimore Sun tribute. Ron was not only one of our most productive presidents -- helping us earn the "Friends Group of the Year" award in 2003 -- but he was a big supporter and promoter of the Eagle Cam and Osprey Cam. Ron definitely played a big part in helping us make the cam project a success, so we thought it was fitting that our two osprey chick names this year are in tribute to Ron.

Thanks to everyone who participated in our contest. If your entries didn't win this year, hang on to them and you can use them again in a future chick-naming contest -- they might just win next time.

Congratulations to Joyce! And much thanks to all our participants.

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