March 25, 2006

Bird Cams

Nest Update: I spoke with our gift store manager, Peggy Tillier, the other day. She spends a good deal of time in the store near the Eagle Cam monitor, so she gets a good view of the eaglets on the live video. She reports that there is less aggressiveness now by the oldest eaglet, as the big sibling seems to have relaxed a lot in the bullying department. She also reports that the birds are stretching their wings a good deal and spending a lot of time napping -- which we can confirm based on our observations from the website.

talkSpeaking of our youngest, while the oldest was feeding this week, the littlest decided to make another trip to the edge. The youngest is quite the adventurer. As for the oldest, this week we saw it examining a stick in the nest. The scene reminded me of an episode we saw last year where the oldest decided to perform some nest redecorating on his own.

Just a reminder, we hope to have Craig Koppie here next week to check on the family and recenter the cam. Hopefully we will have a day of good weather that gives him an opening to visit.

Also, a couple cam watchers have asked about when we will move both cams to a 1-minute refresh. We would have done it by now, but since Craig might come to fix our view, we decided to leave the Eagle Cam on the shorter refresh a little longer since we hope our view will improve next week. After that, we'll leave the Eagle Cam on the 30-second update for a little while so our cam watchers can enjoy the new view, then we'll take both cams to a 1-minute refresh each. If Craig can't come next week, then we'll move the ospreys to a 1-minute refresh sooner.

The ospreys seem to be doing well, and they appear to be taking their time filling up the nest. We've seen a couple shots of them in a mating posture, although we would not expect eggs until around the middle of April. We will definitely have their cam on a shorter refresh by the time the eggs arrive.

Bird Cams

One of our cam watchers remembered that last year I posted a web log entry listing various bird cams around the Internet. The post was by no means a complete list of all the best cams, but I highlighted a sampling of some of the wonderful websites that show wild birds up close. Now that spring is here and the nesting birds are becoming active, I'll post the link to the list again. Take a moment to visit these sites and check out the nest action.

Request for Photographs

On to a different topic: As some of you may recall, we have recently renovated our Visitor Center at Blackwater Refuge. As part of our renovation process, we are adding new exhibits to our expanded floors and also creating new publications, and so we have a need for quality photographs of certain wildlife species. The photos do not have to be from Blackwater, but if they are from another locale, we would like the background to be indistinguishable -- meaning just water, trees, wetlands, or sky.

We cannot pay for the photos -- it would be a donation -- but the exhibit and publications will credit the photographers, and they can know that they have contributed to the enjoyment and education of all our future visitors. Visit our Photo page to read more about donating your photographs to this worthy cause.

Speaking of photos, I also want to thank everyone for sending in their cam photos for the galleries. We'll update the Eagle Cam Gallery next week and also open the Osprey Cam Gallery for the new season.

Until next time,
Lisa - webmaster

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